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    Product Details:

        dBIOZOL is a complete and ready to use reagent for the isolation of genomic DNA from samples of animal and plant origin. The dBIOZOL procedure is based on the use of a novel chaotropic-detergent lysing solution that hydrolyzes RNA and allows the selective precipitation of DNA from a cell lysate. The advanced DNA isolation method combines both reliability and efficiency with simplicity of the isolation protocol, which is fast and permits isolation of genomic DNA from a large number of samples of small or large volumes In general, 0.5-4 μg genomic DNA per mg tissue can be acquired from up to 80 mg tissue with dBIOZOL

        The isolated DNA can be used, without additional purification, for PCR/Real time PCR, sequencing,Southern blot, mutant analysis,SNP and other molecular biology and biotechnology applications.


        During the isolation, a biological sample is lysed (or homogenized) in dBIOZOL and the genomic DNA is precipitated from the lysate with isopropanol. Following an ethanol wash, DNA is solubilized in elution buffer. The procedure can be completed in 40 minutes.

    Product Features:

        STABILITY: dBIOZOL is stable at room temperature for at least two years after the date of purchase. HANDLING PRECAUTIONS: dBIOZOL contains irritants. Handle with care, avoid contact with skin, and eye .In case of contact: Wash skin with a copious amount of water and seek medical attention.


    The protocol includes the following steps:

    1.        LYSIS\HOMOGENIZATION: 0.6ml dBIOZOL+20 ~ 80 mg tissue(animal or plant), 105-108 cells(culture cells or white cells in whole blood)

    2.        CENTRIFUGATION

    Sediment the homogenate for 10 minutes at 13,000 g at 4-25 C. Following centrifugation, transfer the resulting viscous supernatant to a fresh tube.

    3.        DNA PRECIPITATION: lysate + 0.7ml isopropanol.

    4.        DNA WASH:1 ml 75% ethanol

    5.        DNA SOLUBILIZATION: 8 mM NaOH or water.

    Experimental data:

    ⊕Absorbance analysis

        Get some DNA,diluted in a advisable factor with elution buffer. Survey the OD260   ,OD280 and OD320.

    Expressions:concentration(μg/ml)=50×OD260×dilution fact Target: 2.0≥OD260-320/ OD280-320≥1.7

    Notice: 1.0≥OD260≥0.1, the result of ratio is much reliable.

    ⊕Agarose Gel Analysis 0.8~1% Agarose gel

    The fragment of the photography with 1,2,3,4 is rat kidney brain liver and heart,respectively,and with5,6 is plant leaf and soybean.

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