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Gene Touch is a product of most complete configuration in the Touch series of BIOER. Equipped with free module replacement function, it can configure 5 experiment modules to realize experiments of various modes covering from regular 0.2ml single test tube to glass slides. All modules are equipped with gradient temperature control function, as well as with TAS technology (marginal temperature compensation technology) to ensure temperature difference between wells is less than ±0.2 ℃.

Product features
  • Multi module configuration:

    User can independently replace module within 1 minute, making it easy and convenient. One host machine is suitable for various experimental systems.

  • Easy and convenient operation :

    Adopt independently designed UI operating interface, easy to be learned and understood. Only by reading through the simple SOP operation instruction, user can learn how to use the equipment within 10 minutes.

  • Gradient function:

    Can realize temperature setting between 30 ~10.5 ℃, gradient temperature difference between ranks can be as high as 30 ℃.

  • Remote monitoring:

    Can be connected to APP software via Bluetooth for exclusive use of Bioer instruments to realize real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and experiment results with mobile terminal.

Product parameters
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