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Team situation

Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co., Ltd. is a national-level high-tech enterprise with nearly 600 employees. The company has established a provincial-level Bioer Molecular Biotechnology Enterprise Research Institute, and has established an international R&D team, covering various professional and technical personnel in software design, structure, circuit, medicine, biology, agronomy, etc., and has 80 core R&D personnel. We have established close cooperative relations with many research institutions in Germany, Japan and other countries, and has successively established Zhejiang University Bioer Technology Joint Research Center and Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention Bioer Technology "Infectious Etiology and Key Technologies for Detection" "Research Center" and other research institutions have laid a solid foundation for the R&D direction of Bioer Technology in multiple fields. Bioer Technology provides customers with a complete set of solutions for the construction of PCR laboratory, nucleic acid sample collection and storage and transportation, nucleic acid extraction and purification and detection. The application directions include scientific research, medical diagnosis, food safety, pet detection, disease detection, aquatic disease detection, etc. Multiple areas.

Instrument R&D Center

Instrument R&D is a team with 5 PhDs as the subject leaders, covering the whole process of new technology research, product realization, new product introduction, and engineering technology innovation. It is in the five core technical fields of molecular diagnostic instruments: magnetic cleaning separation, thermal cycling technology , Automated hot cover, fluorescence measurement, data analysis, all have independent intellectual property rights and nearly two decades of technology accumulation, and have established long-term cooperative relations with many Japanese companies in the fields of automation technology and optical measurement. In the future, molecular diagnostic instruments will develop in the direction of intelligence, automation, and microfluidics. The fully automated gene analysis system and large-throughput fully automated nucleic acid purification and analysis workstation will be launched in 2021. The Instrument R&D Center has established a 10-person microfluidic research team led by a German returned doctor. In the key technologies of microfluidic control: microfluidic chip design, optical measurement system, analysis algorithm, high-end consumables research, etc., there are PhDs as technical leaders.

Reagent R&D Center

Reagent research and development has established a core research and development team characterized by high quality, high vitality, and high standards. It is composed of protein material engineers, nucleic acid purification engineers, and diagnostic reagent research Development trends and emerging industry hotspots have extremely keen insight and product development efficiency, and their design and development capabilities cover the full range of molecular diagnostic development areas such as diagnostic reagent raw materials, upstream nucleic acid preservation and extraction, and downstream nucleic acid detection. The main team members have a master's degree or above, have worked in the diagnostic reagent development industry for more than 3 years, and have more than 10 years of core technical personnel development experience. They have excellent educational background and technical strength. After 18 years of development, the reagent research and development team has developed more than 300 reagents for nucleic acid extraction, clinical diagnosis, food safety, aquatic pathogen detection, and animal pathogen detection. The follow-up will gradually improve the detection of venereal diseases, pet diseases, forensic extraction, and cattle and sheep animal pathogens. , Respiratory tract and hand-foot-mouth disease detection, early tumor screening and other related reagent products, provide continuous technical support for the company's development.

Manufacturing advantage

First-class manufacturing equipment

The production equipment and testing equipment from Japan, Europe and the United States represent the world's first-class level. The automated assembly line production workshop has laid a solid foundation for the quality of Bioer products.

Japan's Ferrotec advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology, as well as its manufacturing process and flow, build the stable and reliable quality of Bioer Instruments.

Digital production

The company has independently developed a variety of production equipment including high-efficiency automatic filling and sealing system, centrifuge column automatic assembly machine, high-efficiency sealing film machine, etc., and has established 17 automatic production lines (13 automatic magnetic bead production lines, 2 full-automatic sample preservation liquid production lines and 2 spin column method magnetic bead production lines), realizing the whole process of digitization, automation and intelligence in manufacturing.

Company culture

Bioer Technology adheres to the quality policy of "quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, quality is the soul of enterprise development, builds corporate reputation with quality, and wins global guests with quality", consciously practice and inherit the "craftsman spirit", and treat each The production process is meticulously crafted to provide every customer with excellent products and meticulous and thoughtful service.