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Animal Disease Prevention Test

Themain works of animal disease prevention and detection is to carry outmonitoring and epidemiological investigation of animal diseases, study thedistribution of animal diseases and parasitic diseases, and discuss the causesand epidemic rules of animal diseases.To organize and help the animal diseaseprevention and control center to implement plans and work measures to preventand control the occurrence and prevalence of related animal diseases.

Animaldisease prevention and testing laboratories usually carry out the examinationof infectious animal disease pathogenic microorganisms, including immuneantigen detection, molecular detection, and immune antibody detection, toprovide technical guidance for the diagnosis, prevention and control of animaldiseases and emergency treatment of major epidemics.

Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co., LTD is a moleculardetection supplier, providing customers with a complete solutions in the fieldof animal pathogen detection, including instruments, enzymes, reagents andconsumables. Bioer technology can provide animal pathogens detection solutionsinclude: African swine fever, swine fever virus, porcine circovirus type II,porcine pseudorabies virus,porcine blue ear virus, porcine epidemic diarrheavirus, porcine infectious gastroenteritis virus; Foot-and-mouth disease  O/A virus, Anthrax, bluetongue virus,Brucella, avian influenza virus H5/H7/H9 subtype and other poultry pathogens.