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Clinical Diagnosis

Mullis invented polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology in 1985. With the continuous development of PCR technology, it has gradually become the "gold standard" for the diagnosis of various pathogens with its characteristics of strong specificity, high sensitivity, good repeatability and easy operation compared with cell culture or immunology techniques. It has high practical application value in common infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (std), tumors, genetic diseases, parasitic diseases, eugenics and eugenics, forensic medicine and other fields.

The most representative infectious diseases of digestive system are hepatitis and intestinal infectious diseases. The pathogen that causes hepatitis mainly includes hepatitis B virus (hepatitis B), hepatitis C virus (hepatitis C). The advantages of PCR for hepatitis B detection are as follows:

1. Early diagnosis: PCR amplification is extremely sensitive and can be detected during the incubation period of infection.

2. High sensitivity: For some hepatitis B patients, the serum virus concentration is very low, which can not be detected by the general ENZYme-conjugate reagent, but can be detected by PCR.

3. Disease tracking and judgment. PCR technology can quantitatively detect hepatitis B virus genes, providing evidence for guiding clinical medication.

At present, sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) have become one of the major health problems. In addition to AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes simplex virus (HSV), and chlamydia trachomatis (CT) are also common pathogens causing STDS. Although there are many detection methods, most of them are time-consuming and not sensitive enough. For example, microscopic examination of pathogens such as bacteria and parasites is easy to miss detection. The detection of mycoplasma and chlamydia by culture method is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also affected by many factors such as sampling and drug treatment, so the sensitivity is not high. PCR provides a reliable test for STD detection.